The Game

What is Topgolf Live?

Topgolf Live brings to life the Topgolf experience in truly immersive—and iconic—settings. Our stadium series converts America’s most beloved venues into temporary Topgolf-like experiences. You’ll score more points by hitting the giant targets on the field while Toptracer technology accurately traces your shots and shows you instant replays on the game screen in your upper deck hitting bay. Good food, drinks, music, friendly competition—all of that comes standard. Not a golfer? Neither are we. Our games are fun for all skill levels.

How the Game Works

Unlike any golf game you've played before

Typically, there are six giant targets on the field ranging from 40 to 150 yards away, and each section of each target has a point value. When it’s your turn, you’ll have five shots to accumulate as many points as possible. Your score will be determined based on distance and accuracy—the further your ball goes and the closer to the center of a target it lands, the more points you’ll earn. The fifth ball in each turn is worth double.

Each player in your bay will take turns hitting five shots and after each player has completed their turn, the game is over. Your group can play as many games as time allows (each tee time lasts one hour). Typically, a bay with a maximum of six players can complete four or five games at a reasonable pace. 

Toptracer Technology

Trace your golf ball like a pro

Toptracer technology accurately traces the ball flight of each of your shots, instantly replaying them on the game screen in your hitting bay. Our game system will automatically award you points based where your ball lands in relation to the on-field targets. The system will record your games results and feed high scores to our event-wide leaderboard. So, not only are you competing against your buddies in your bay, but everyone playing during your tee time will be vying for the top score.

The Live Lounge

Not looking to hit some balls?

No worries!  Topgolf Live is the perfect event for non-golfers as well.  Come as a spectator to hang out in the iconic stadium with your friends, and enjoy some food or beverages.  The Live Lounge is the best place to spend time before or after your tee time with games like corn hole and chippo to enjoy!