Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own golf clubs?

Sorry! Personal clubs are not permitted, but we will have a range of clubs available to use during game play. For your safety, clubs will be disinfected between each tee time.


What clubs are available for use?

Each bay will be stocked with a range of clubs available to use during game play, including right and left-handed options.

Are there kids clubs available?

Yes! Kids clubs left and right-handed will be available upon request.

How does the game work?

Each round, players will have 5 shots to hit golf balls into on-field targets placed 60 – 140 yards from the tee box. Toptracer technology accurately traces the flight path of the golf balls, instantly scoring every shot – The further the target hit, the more points the player will receive. Keep in mind, each player’s final shot is worth double points, so it could get down to the wire! After everyone has hit, the player with the most points wins the round. If time permits, start another round, and tee it up!

Does buying one ticket mean I have my own bay?

Each bay accommodates up to 6 players, so purchasing one (1) ticket will reserve 1 of 6 spots in the bay. If you would like to have your own bay, please be sure to purchase tickets for all 6 spots in the bay.  If you did not purchase all tickets for your bay, you might have company!

Are there going to be other people in my bay with me?

It is possible for other guests to be sharing your bay if you do not purchase all 6 tickets in the same bay.

What is included in a premium ticket?

The premium ticket may vary by location but will always include the following: A Black Clover hat, two (2) drink vouchers, one (1) complimentary Topgolf Lifetime Membership & one (1) $10 off Topgolf Game Play coupon.

How long does the event last?

Dates and tee times vary by event, so please refer to the Topgolf Live Tour Schedule for the latest information on where we’ll be and when you can play! Pro Tip: There can be more than 40 tee times per event, so double check your tickets to make sure you know when to arrive!

How many people fit into a bay?

Up to 6 players can be in a bay and play. For safety reasons, only one person can be hitting at one time.

Will there be any food or drinks?

Of course! Food and beverage options will be available for purchase at all events, however, selection will vary by venue.

Will the bays be shaded or covered?

Each event will have a slightly different setup due to unique (and iconic) venue designs. We strive to provide guests with shaded areas at all locations, however, we cannot guarantee every event will include covered bays.

How old do you have to be to golf?

Topgolf Live is an interactive, in-stadium game designed for all skill levels, but we do request that anyone under 16 be supervised by a Guest 21+ at all times. Unfortunately, children under the age of 7 are not allowed to golf, however, they’re welcome to attend as a spectator, at no cost.

What happens if it rains during my tee time?

Unless it’s an extreme weather event, nothing can stop a good time at Topgolf Live, not even rain or snow! Guest safety is our top priority, so if inclement weather, such as lightning, is nearby, we will adjust accordingly.

Are there youth tickets?

At this time, we do not offer a youth discount on tickets. Children under the age of 7 are not allowed to golf, however, they’re welcome to attend as a spectator, at no cost.

What if I don’t want to golf but still want to come and watch?

The more the merrier – You don’t have to golf to have fun at Topgolf Live! If you’d like to attend without golfing, please purchase a Spectator’s Pass.

Are there any refunds?

 In the rare instance an event is rescheduled or cancelled, we will work with ticket holders on available options which may include: requesting a refund or applying their ticket to the new event date.

Can I buy tickets when I arrive to the stadium?

Definitely! You are welcome to purchase tickets when you arrive through our onsite sales representative, however, for the best availability and to ensure everyone in your group is in the same bay, we recommend purchasing in advance, prior to the event day at

Can I bring a backpack into the stadium?

Bag policies will be in place, however will vary by location. Make sure to check the venue’s specific bag policy before you arrive at the event!